Food Supplies Thinks Pink in Support of Breast Cancer Research

September 14, 2020  |  F.DICK PINK SPIRIT KNIVES


F. Dick Pink Spirit Knives

Did you know that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in Canada? It’s equal to almost 27,000 women in 2019 alone. And when you consider the number of people impacted by this disease—the families, friends, and colleagues of these women—the figure balloons. Although research efforts have resulted in new and promising treatments, it unfortunately still accounts for 13% of cancer-related deaths. Breast cancer occurs when abnormal cells in the breast multiply and spread, destroying neighbouring healthy tissue. The exact cause is unknown, and there is no cure.

At Food Supplies, we’re proud to be launching an initiative to help fund breast cancer research. Our Pink Spirit campaign merges our high quality, exclusive line of F.Dick knives with a cause we wholeheartedly support. Our limited-edition knife series features a stylish pink handle, inspired by the courage of women around the world in their fights against cancer. Food Supplies will make a donation to the Canadian Cancer Society from the sale of each knife or set.

Pink Spirit, by F.Dick

The Pink Spirit knives were carefully considered for maximum function and include the four essential blades needed in any home kitchen: paring, santoku, chef and bread knives. These knives will tackle the bulk of all the cutting, slicing and chopping jobs you’d encounter during standard mealtime prep. Available separately or as a set, you can opt to upgrade your entire knife collection, or fill in a few gaps in your collection.

Produced in limited quantities by F.Dick, the Pink Spirit knives are made with the same exacting standards as those in their conventional lines. These knives will last a lifetime, with a high chromium content to resist wear, corrosion and rust, and engineered for edge retention.

The Meaning Behind Pink Spirit

To us, the concept of “Pink Spirit” extends to a woman’s strength and perseverance, as shown when battling a debilitating disease, but also when faced with everyday challenges. Women are being asked to step up more than ever, to juggle their personal and professional lives while also trying to maintain their physical and mental well-being when dealing with these unforeseen obstacles. We are both humbled and honoured to have these women in our lives. Our hearts go out to those facing a breast cancer diagnosis on top of all these current difficulties.

Researchers have been working on many exciting breakthroughs in cancer research, but help is needed now, with the charity sector experiencing funding issues from the pandemic. And the virus itself is yet another hurdle for cancer patients—many are likely to be immunocompromised, managing delayed treatment schedules and rescheduled appointments.

For all these reasons and more, we invite you to #thinkpink this October. The Pink Spirit line is the perfect opportunity to invest in quality kitchen tools for yourself of a friend, while also showing your support for a vital cause.

To learn more, visit the Pink Spirit page to pre-order and read more about our campaign.



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