Signage For Grocery & Restaurants


Your restaurant or grocery store signage can make all the difference to important information being visible and memorable! It can also help your customers to feel familiar with your establishment. More and more products are offered to consumers which mean that signage should be sophisticated and built to leave a lasting impression. Food Supplies offers a wide selection of signage, systems and other point of sale support items that will attract and keep customers.


Grocery Store Signage Cost

The right signage will do more than just convey a price. It can serve as an ‘assistant sales force’ and works to keep your customers updated on everything from sales to new products. Our selection of grocery store signs are offered at a cost that is not only affordable, but also incredibly high-quality. This means that your investment is pushed further as products can be used for extended periods of time. All of our grocery store signs are made with durable materials and functional designs in mind to meet your needs and perform for years to come. You will love the fresh and unique look that our grocery store signs bring to your space and will have ease of mind in knowing that prices will be set and protected.

Popular Grocery Store and Restaurant Signage Products: Price Tags

Whether it’s a dimeprint price tag or a heat resistant price tag, Food Supplies has a wide range of options for pricing display at your restaurant or grocery store. Heat resistant tags allow you to display pricing without having to worry about melting, and are a great option for making your display look clean and professional. Dimeprint price tags can be used for displays in a variety of situations, including both hot and cold food displays. These price tags are also easily adaptable to suit your specific display needs whether it’s for grocery stores, restaurants, butchers, seafood, take out, or cakes and bakeries.

Popular Signage Products: Indicators

Properly display the weight of certain products or inform customers of different product features with our indicators. Available in a variety of colors and in 10 or 25 packs.

Order Restaurant & Grocery Store Signs Online

We ship our restaurant and grocery store signs across Canada and include fast shipping with every order. Browse our wide selection and order today!

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