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Health and safety are imperative to every facility which makes health and safety equipment essential. Protect yourself, your staff, and keep your work environment clean with our wide range of equipment. As health and safety equipment suppliers, Food Supplies understands the extraordinary importance of a sanitary workplace, and offers several products to ensure that yours is never at risk. From our Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) knife systems designed to avoid contaminating knives, to our sanitation products and waste bins, when it comes to health and safety, we have you covered!


Trusted Health and Safety Equipment Suppliers

One of our most popular health and safety products is our selection of first aid supplies. Explore everything from burn kits and emergency blankets to eyewash stations and safety stretchers. All of our first aid equipment is designed to be easily accessible for emergency situations and is high-quality for prolonged use. You can also purchase eye wash refills, available in a variety of sizes. Personal protection equipment is also one of our popular product types. We offer safety boots, gloves, masks, ear protection, vests, aprons, and more. These products are designed to provide maximum protection for onsite workers. We consider our protective equipment a great investment as its quality and durability makes it long lasting and suitable for years to come.

Minimize Risk with Health and Safety Equipment

In addition to popular products, you can discover products such as cutting boards, crowd control, floor mats, thermometers, timers and pest control, which  are all designed with health and safety in mind. You will have peace of mind in knowing that you can ensure full compliance with safety regulations and are providing an environment that helps to make everyone feel safe. Your space will stay controlled and the risk of potential injury will be greatly reduced.

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