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Friedr Dick boasts an impressive product line, one that not only consists of an extensive range of all-purpose and specialty knives, but also storage solutions, maintenance tools and other accessories to enhance your cooking experience. Browse our selection of F.Dick catalogues and product guides to find the next new addition to your kitchen.

F.Dick Knives for Every Purpose

Whether you’re looking for a few essential knives to serve as the workhorses in your foodie kitchen, or niche tools to help you level up your performance, F.Dick knives are recognized as the pinnacle of quality. Favoured by professional chefs around the world, F.Dick blades are German engineered with superior edge retention and designed to last a lifetime with proper use and upkeep. Choose from various blade lengths and handle designs for a knife that fits your preferences, both in form and function.

F.Dick also offers a range of ancillary products to help you get the most out of your F.Dick knives. Easy to use sharpening steels take the guesswork and learning curve out of knife maintenance, while knife blocks and roll bags provide convenient storage options for these high-end tools.

Specialty Equipment by F.Dick

For F.Dick fans in the food and hospitality industry, the brand boasts a range of professional grinding and polishing technology for the care and upkeep of hand knives, circular blades, and machine knives. Chefs that work in food processing may also find increased efficiencies in their workflow when using F.Dick sausage filler machines and F.Dick’s HACCP compliant knives and cutting boards.

Explore the company’s full product line in-depth on Food Supplies’ F.Dick catalogue page, with detailed product descriptions and specifications. Reach out to our staff for additional assistance and insight on this quality line of knives!

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