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DARK NITRO: The New Forged Knife Series from Friedr. Dick

Featuring stunning hammer-embossed blades with a carbon look, and elegant, indestructible oak wood handles.

Diversity and functionality have been the guiding principle at Friedr. Dick since the company began. This diversity is not based on short-lived trends, but on the different requirements and design requests of the users. With the DarkNitro series, Friedr. Dick has deliberately refrained from using visual fads and focused on the pure industrial design.

The anthracite blade is coloured by means of a special environmentally friendly process. This gives the knives their pure industrial beauty. The hammered finish on the blade underlines its uniqueness and functionality. The oak handle symbolizes endurance, power and strength. The sharp and clear line of the handle reinforces the knife's aesthetics.

The extremely thin, sharp blade makes cutting a "weightless" pleasure. The hammered technique also creates many small air cushions between the blade and the food being cut. This makes it easier to remove any food from the blade surface and reduces the amount of food that sticks to the blade.

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The Features of The Dark Nitro Series Knives

Ice-hardened blade with an high hardness of 61 HRC.


High-alloy stainless steel for a high edge-retention.


Pure industrial design with a unique look.


Bevelled bolster shape and perfect balance.


Noble, ergonomically shaped handle made of oak.


Designed for cutting, not chopping. The knives are sharpened with a thin cutting edge and must only be used for cutting. They can become blunt very quickly if used on a hard cutting boards made of glass, stainless steel, marble or granite. Therefore, we recommend using a Profboard cutting board to provide a level, stable and safe cutting surface for your valuable knives. See our cutting board options here.



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Friedr. Dick uses a special martensitic, stainless and nitrogen-alloyed steel in the DarkNitro series. This results in a unique combination of excellent cutting performance, exceptional hardness of 61 HRC and special corrosion resistance. This corresponds to the highest achievable hardness to date without any negative influence on the microstructure and stability. For a perfect material structure, DarkNitro knives are forged in a special process and then ice-hardened at temperatures down to -197°. The very fine microstructure of the steel allows for simple sharpening, resulting in a very sharp cutting edge. The anthracite-coloured blade gives the knives their pure industrial beauty. The hammered finish on the blade underlines the uniqueness of each knife.

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Friedr. Dick uses the finest robust oak wood for the handle. Oak trees are known for their longevity; a tree can grow over 800 years old. The oak tree is shrouded in legend and steeped in history and is known for being one of the main deciduous trees in Europe. Ships were built with oak as long as 1,000 years ago and until today, oak barrels are used to store special whisky and wine. So it’s no wonder that Friedr. Dick has chosen a handle from oak wood for the new unique series of knives. The handle, ground by expert craftspeople at Friedr. Dick, makes each piece a unique item with its own colour character and wood grain.

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The knife is the extension of a chef’s arm. The harmony between the blade shape, bolster and handle must therefore be correct. The perfect cutting ability, ergonomic handle and bevelled bolster shape make the knives from the DarkNitro series a first-class knife and meet the highest requirements of professional chefs and ambitious amateur cooks The knife is ideally balanced and sits comfortably in the hand.





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