High Quality, Competitively Priced Ingredients

FoodSupplies provides the finest quality food ingredients from suppliers across Canada. Our ingredients showcase the latest trends from around the world, as our seasonings, spices, breadings, stuffings, and marinades are highly sought after by our customers. Perhaps you are a food or meat processor, or maybe you are a food retailer. Our wide variety of blends have proven to please all chefs and foodies alike!

We will even show you how to use them to render an exquisite final product that boasts both a high visual appeal and outstanding taste. We make it our mission to ensure that only the highest quality, competitively priced ingredients pass through your doors. We recognize that using the best available ingredients will reduce your manufacturing costs while ensuring your customers get the best available flavours, leaving them wanting more.


You’ll find leading-edge meal solutions as a part of our food ingredient options. You may be interested in some of our classic favorites such as krusto breading, sausage binder and prague powder.  

Other exciting FoodSupplies ingredient offerings include:

  • Marinades: Provide Maximum flavor enhancement while increasing moisture pick up.
  • Meatloaf and Sausage Binders: No gluten added options available.
  • Breading, Batter & Coaters: Change the flavour, color, texture, or appearance of any of your coated products.
  • Casing: Natural casings that have a good appearance offer great value for a consumer’s food purchasing dollar.
  • Stuffing: Place in your meat product of choice.
  • Tenderizers: Make even the toughest cuts tender and juicy.
  • Cures: A comprehensive selection of ingredients.
  • Spices and Raw Materials: Work to enhance the food experience.
  • Gravy: Our gravies have been judged against the industry ‘gold standard’ and have even exceeded it!
  • And more…

All of our ingredients feature distinctive flavor profiles. You will be thrilled to know that we even have a proven and successful history of creating private label formulations for your exclusive use!


From our high-quality products sourced around the world, to our innovative ability to generate new ideas for your company, we’ve got our finger on the pulse of our clients.

Acquire the widest range of quality ingredients for your kitchen all from Foodsupplies.ca.  Seasonings, breadings, stuffings, marinades and more, shipped all over Canada. Browse our selection and order yours!

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