Corporate Gift Solutions

Offer the long lasting gift of a German-made Friedr. Dick knife. A unique gift option that is truly unmatched in quality.

Custom Idea Generation

A dynamic and completely customized business solution service engineered to meet the specific needs and demands of your business.

Simply Sharp Knife Program

Stop renting & start saving with this easy and innovative way to eliminate rental costs by owning and sharpening your own knives, in-store.



Our expertise extends past what you’d expect from a typical wholesale food distributor. Food Supplies offers a suite of specialized services to support your business objectives, such as gift solutions, custom program consultation and tool maintenance. Speak to one of our representatives to find out how we can make these services work for your company.


Need ideas for holiday, commemorative or special occasion gifts? For a quality gift that will be used for years to come, consider our Friedr. Dick knives. German engineered and precision crafted, these knives are built for a lifetime, with stylish handles and high carbon blades that marry performance with durability. The knives can be etched with custom wording or a logo for a personalized touch, perfect for corporate and personal gifts alike.

Looking for effective, budget friendly solutions to your business challenges? Our Custom Idea Generator service harnesses our team’s industry-specific expertise to provide you with initiatives and program ideas that match your business needs perfectly and position you for success. We start with an in-depth consultation to understand your objectives and pain points before providing you with custom recommendations that fit your budget, timeline and goals.

Whether you run a restaurant, grocery store or another foodservice operation, you’ll know that quality knife rentals can be a significant expenditure. Food Supplies’ Simply Sharp Knife Program was developed to give you access to high quality knives and help you maintain them yourself, in-store! An easy and innovative way to eliminate rental costs on knives, we customize a knife selection based on your needs and provide you with an easy-to-use knife sharpener as part of our program.
Contact us to find out more about our services and discuss customization options to make the perfect fit in your operations.

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