No matter the sausage casing type, you want a product for your high-quality meats that is best for flavor and visual appeal. That is why we aim to provide the best options for sausage casings throughout Canada that cater to a wide variety of flavor and production needs. Our sausage casings not only match the premium quality of your meats, they provide the right texture and freshness needed for your sausages. We provide the best selection for buying sausage casing online as we provide everything from plastic to natural collagen and ensure that quality is always top of mind.


There are a few different types of sausage casings, including collagen casing, cellulose casings and natural casing. We provide a wide variety of sausage casings with everything from hog casing and sheep casing in Canada, to collagen casing and coria casing. Collagen casing is most often used for dry sausages and is permeable to smoke. It is known to shrink with the product. While collagen casing can be fragile, it has many beneficial features, including those of both natural and artificial casings. This makes it multi-functional and great for many of your sausage making needs. Natural sausage casing is one of our most popular sausage casing types. Bite into a sausage made with natural casings and you will experience a distinctive 'snap' that only natural casings provide. Sheep and hog casings are incredibly popular among customers. Our casings have a well filled, substantial and appealing appearance, offering great value for a consumer's food purchasing dollar. Natural casing also provides the best flavor and visual appeal which is what makes it worth the cost. Smoking and cooking flavors are also able to permeate natural casing and infuse the meat which makes for a much more flavorful dish. Purchase our casings by the bundle or pail, and select the number of casings as needed.

Browse our quality range of sausage casing types and add them to your cart. The ability to buy sausage casing online means that the selection process is simplified and our products are brought right to your door with sausage casing shipped across Canada. Order today!

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