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Chefs and foodies need knives to stay sharp for a long time, which means that quality knife sharpeners are an essential tool. We offer a unique selection of professional knife sharpening tools, all made with an outstanding design and well-thought out functionality. Keeping knives sharp is the best way to ensure slices are even and precise. It is also essential in making sure that users stay safe as cuts are predictable and will not result in any unexpected accidents. Explore sharpening products such as the F Dick rapid steel knife sharpener, F Dick master steel polish and F Dick rapid steel set. 


In addition to our many F Dick knife sharpener types, we provide a comprehensive range of sharpening products. F Dick rapid steel polish is perfect for enabling users to draw the blade through sharpening rods with light pressure for a perfected edge. The risk of injury is greatly reduced as blades are guided through the rods seamlessly. The F Dick Steel Stand for Rapid Steel Polish is also available for creating perfect edges with each and every use. Its rods are made from stainless steel which makes for easy maintenance and the reduced risk of injury.

You might also look at the F Dick whetting stone to help with high quality utensils that need frequent sharpening. This product is great for narrow angle wedge sharpening and helps to avoid unevenness. The whetting stone is best for steel tools and comes in a variety of sizes for different uses and kitchen needs. Explore our many sharpening options for use in kitchens both at home or in your restaurant. We ship across North America, right to your door. Order online today!

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