Professional Cutlery (by F.Dick)



Food Supplies is proud to feature the world renowned cutlery of Friedr. Dick. Since 1778, Friedr. Dick has been manufacturing Chef’s and Butcher’s tools and knives, sharpening steels and grinding machines, and building a solid reputation as the Chef’s and Food Professional’s Choice. Their extensive cutlery and ancilliary product lines make them the perfect system provider for the Food Service, Restaurant, and Butcher industries alike.

Professional Cutlery Sets

FoodSupplies provides professional cutlery at wholesale prices, with the fastest shipping throughout Canada. Whether it’s a culinary bag or an F Dick knife sharpener, we have chefs and foodies covered in all of their cutlery needs.

We are proud to feature the world-renowned cutlery of Friedr. Dick, which has been manufacturing Chef’s and Butcher’s tools, knives, sharpening steels and grinding machines since 1778. Their extensive cutlery and ancillary product lines make them the perfect system provider for the food service, restaurant, and butcher industries.

Professional Kitchen Cutlery for Best Performance

Our professional kitchen cutlery offers superior performance and helps to create an innovative experience in the kitchen. Discover designs for professional users that meet their high demand needs and offer quality at a lower overall cost.

Hygienic cutting tools are known to work great for professional work environments and deliver top quality for fatigue-free work. Discover key features such as ergonomically formed handles, various finishes, safety colors, balanced designs, exceptional sharpness options, and more.

Our Range of Professional Cutlery

You will be pleased to know that FoodSupplies offers a wide range of professional kitchen cutlery, all available for online orders.

Explore products such as the Friedr. Dick Premier World Chefs Series knives which are made with a hygienic coating and a precious “Mother of Pearl” handle. The high-quality coating on the blade helps to resist materials from sticking and helps to make cleaning easier.

You might also look to discover F. Dick knife sharpener options, which facilitate in sharpening your knives in house, saving you money and keeping you in control of your tools.   and polishing steels that have various finishes. Choose from a wide variety of handle colors and options for sharpening depending on your specific needs.

Your product journey doesn’t stop at knives and sharpeners, explore cutting boards, shears, spatulas, blade guards, peelers, and sets of block and gift items! Order a culinary bag to carry and transfer all of your professional cutlery from location to location.

Order Your Professional Cutlery Set

Try out our professional kitchen cutlery for chefs and foodies today! Browse F Dick Knives, cutting boards, ancillary items and many more!

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