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Touted as the world’s best, according to VKD, the largest German Chefs Association, AMT Gastroguss cookware is known as one of the most durable and effective options available on the market. With a superior nonstick surface and consistent heat distribution and retention properties, AMT pans are a favourite of chefs worldwide. Browse our selection of AMT Gastroguss catalogues and product guides to find the next new addition to your kitchen.

AMT Cookware - For Your Every Need

Nonstick cookware might be a modern kitchen staple, but the coating on conventional pans tends to chip and warp, losing their effectiveness over time. In contrast, AMT uses a unique, ultra-hard coating on their pans to create a nonstick surface designed to hold up for years. The brand of choice for competitive culinary teams around the world, AMT pots and pans maintain their performance under the most demanding conditions, making them perfect for use in professional kitchens and an enjoyable indulgence in a foodie’s home.

AMT offers a large selection of all-purpose pans, stockpots, roasting dishes and bakeware, in conventional stovetop and induction compatible varieties. Specialty items, such as pancake and crepe pans, divided pots, and woks are also available. All AMT products are made with hand-casted aluminum and PFOA-free nonstick. A special surface coating on their cookware allows you to prepare food without fats or oils for healthier meals without sacrificing flavour.

 Engineered to be energy efficient, AMT cookware has won several brand and design awards, and was given the title of World’s Best Pan by VKD, the largest German Chefs Association.

Explore the company’s full product line in-depth on Food Supplies’ AMT Gastroguss catalogue page, with detailed product descriptions and specifications. Reach out to our staff for additional assistance and insight on this quality cookware collection.

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