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JUNE 16, 2020  |  F.DICK KNIVES


F. Dick German Knives Company

F.Dick knives are easily considered among the finest in the world. Before you chalk this claim up to hyperbole, consider this: F.Dick produces knives and knife accessories that are top of the line in form and function, with an expansive selection, from all-purpose essentials to specialized blades that are as stylish as they are functional. But what specifically makes them the best knives you can buy?

Their History and Values

F. Dick has been in the knife making business for over a lifetime – over 240 years! That’s a lot of time to refine and perfect their product. They’re the only manufacturer in the world that offers a complete range of knives, sharpening steels and accessories for butchers, chefs and serious home cooks. With one of a kind German design and engineering, their lifetime guarantee reflects their confidence in what they make.
Far from only looking at the bottom line, the company takes an ecologically and ethically responsible approach. Their products have high functionality, utility and are made sustainably, using state-of-the-art technologies and processes. By shifting the focus away from labour costs, the result is responsibly made, top-quality knives, without unnecessary impacts on the environment

Their Quality and Performance

F.Dick knives have several unique properties. They’re designed to feel good – comfortable to grip and balanced in weight for an excellent cutting experience when slicing and dicing. After all, a great knife means nothing if you won’t enjoy using it. The blade itself is engineered for superior edge retention, staying razor-sharp and performing optimally for longer. The high chromium content in the stainless steel blades helps resist wear, corrosion and rust. For knife nerds, their HRC (Rockwell Hardness rating) of 56 strikes a balance between durability and ease of upkeep – blades that are harder and stronger than what you’d find in a typical home kitchen. And when you’re investing in professional-grade tools like these, they’re not meant to be replaced. F.Dick knives are made to last a lifetime. With the proper care, they’ll perform as well as they did the first day, every day, with no guesswork required. The company offers all the accessories and supplies to help you maintain your collection in top form.

Their Reputation Among Professional Chefs

The multiple award-winning F. Dick knives are favoured among international chefs and culinary teams, including Canada’s own national Culinary Federation. The brand is considered a market leader in Europe and North America and has been name dropped by the late Anthony Bourdain himself in his 2000 memoir. These professional chefs are considered experts in their field and often find themselves in demanding conditions that require the best tools. It’s saying something that with unlimited access to a range of high-end equipment and exposure to the newest innovations, they opt to rely on the F.Dick brand.
If you’re ready for knives that are impressive to look at, second to none in performance and made to last, the F.Dick brand should be your only choice. These thoughtfully designed and sustainably made knives will be the standout tools in your kitchen, year after year.



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