Mixology Program

Creative. Innovative. Inspired.

Our exciting Mixology Program focuses on creative innovation to provide you with on-trend, premium flavour profiles for your customers. Extensive research and consumer analysis reveals a shifting demand towards authenticity, craft-style and flavour experimentation in the adult beverage category. These findings inspired us to design a breakthrough program, distilled down to four versatile retail flavour profiles, suitable for multiple protein applications, and sure to please a wide range of customers’ palates.

Irish Extra Stout & Cheddar Seasoning

This exceptional topical seasoning provides an all-out Irish inspired, dark ale flavour experience! The rich malt notes wrapped with a flair of aged cheddar make this an ideal seasoning for sausages, burgers, ground pork, beef, steak, pork chops, chicken and turkey. 

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Kentucky Peach Bourbon Savour-Ease

From our Savour-Ease line of topically applied seasonings designed to enhance meat substrates through moisture capture to produce a visually rich and flavourful, saucy glaze. This product can also be used a dry-dust coater for out of the fryer proteins, featuring a sweet peach flavour with notes of oak barrel and caramel bourbon. Ideal on chicken wings, stuffed chicken breast, turkey, pork, salmon, and white fish. 

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Belgian White Beer Crispy Fish Batter

Packing a flavour duo of both hops and spices, our delicious fish batter is renowned for its top-rated ability to hold a crisp texture for hours under a heat lamp. Use this product as a wet batter for fish, shrimp, onion rings, and so much more! Or, try it as a dry-dust coater on everything from calamari to potatoes.

For information on how to order this product, please conact us at: sales@foodsupplies.ca

Okanagan Hard Cider & Herb Dry Glaze

Featuring our new water-based glazing technology, this dry glaze perfectly blends the sweet & sour apple notes of hard cider with fragrant Rosemary, Thyme and other fine herbs. Our simple ‘add water & stir’ process allows you to control viscosity by adding more or less water to the mix.  Use on turkey, ham, chicken, pork and more. 

For information on how to order this product, please conact us at: sales@foodsupplies.ca

San Juan Piña Colada Sauce

Capturing the traditional, time-honoured flavour combination of coconut, pineapple and Puerto Rican rum, this truly versatile sauce is a perfect dip for chicken strips, coconut shrimp and so much more! Also works great as a sauce for scallops, shrimp and white fish!

For information on how to order this product, please conact us at: sales@foodsupplies.ca

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