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FoodSupplies is a premier supplier of quality food ingredients, small wares, display wares and more to the wholesale grocery distribution industry. Among its broad product offering Food Supplies provides an unprecedented selection of food processing equipment for chefs throughout Canada. Whether it’s preparing and handling food, or cooking and storing your kitchen creations, our food process equipment quality is unmatched within the industry. We give our valued grocery distributor customers the ability lower their costs over the food production cycle with our long-lasting products. We meet all governmental standards for safe food handling, and our products are chosen with careful consideration for the best construction of equipment. Each piece of food processing equipment that we offer is also chosen with performance and efficiency in mind.  

A Full Range of Food Processing Equipment for Sale

Our food processing equipment includes a wide variety of options which are each built to serve different functions for your everyday kitchen needs. Popular food processing equipment for sale includes:

  • Blender (Two Speed, Immersion, Seven Speed): Combine components to achieve a uniform mixture to add to your many creations.
  • F. Dick Sausage Stuffer: Put sausage into appropriate casings and add desired seasonings with ease.
  • Can Opener (Edlund, Swing-A-Way): Easy and precise can opener options for efficient opening and optimum safety.
  • Cheese Wires: Slice through cheese with ease and get the precise cuts that you need for your beautiful dishes.
  • Chocolate Warmer: Our chocolate warmer comes in a kit and is stainless steel to provide the highest quality chocolate experience
  • Deluxe Soup Cooker/Warmer and Stainless Steel Warmer: Cook your soup in a few simple steps, and keep it warm before serving.
  • Kebab Maker: This high-quality appliance brings kebabs and skewers together, which makes for a fun meal option.
  • Patty Press: Put together the perfect burgers with the large or medium top one piece.
  • And more…

Food Supplies: Trusted Supplier to Wholesale Food Companies

Food Supplies has been serving the food service industry across North America since 1993. As a leading provider to Canadian Restaurant and Wholesale Supply we pride ourselves on the broad selection of food processing equipment that we can offer to Canadians. Browse our wide range of food processing tools for chefs and foodies. Leading provider to Canadian Restaurant Wholesale Supply.

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