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Over 240 years of experience in manufacturing at the highest level of quality makes Friedr. Dick knives the professionals' only choice around the world.


Presenting the truly innovative, first-class cookware from AMT. Discover this award winning line of pans, pots, dishes and accessoires.


Made with food safe ABS plastics & acrylic, Sample Dome self serve displays allow for product sampling in the most clean & convenient way.


Expertly crafted ingredients to add profits and meal solutions to your business with big, bold options for pork, beef, fish, poultry and more.


These products are made using the highest quality materials, providing all of our customers with premium and durable food service solutions.


Edikio printers provide everything you need to create attractive price tags in a quick, efficient & economical way, directly at your points of sale.



Food Supplies is a proud partner and distributor to our quality brands. Carefully selected by our expert staff for attributes such as ease of use, longevity, and overall excellence, we confidently stand behind every product we sell.

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A true standout, Friedr. Dick marries prestige with performance with their high-end knives, accessories and storage solutions. German engineered and precision-crafted, F.Dick blades are built to last a lifetime, with showstopping handle design and blades specifically crafted for superior edge retention and durability.


You haven’t experienced non-stick until you’ve used AMT. With excellent thermal conductivity and heat retention, AMT kitchenware ensures your food cooks evenly and browns perfectly every time. The Lotan non-stick coating makes quick work of cleanup, saving time, effort and most importantly, water. AMT products are quality-made and backed by a 25 year warp-free guarantee, to satisfy chefs and cooks expecting top-notch performance from their pans, trays and sheets.


Our house brand of marinades, seasonings and spices, Magic Creations is designed to add bold flavour to meat, poultry and fish. Designed with the input of our corporate chef, these flavourings are made to match your consumer’s interest and demand for both modern and traditional taste profiles. Products for wholesale and at-home use available.


Introduce your customers to the gastronomic joys of a new product by using the Sample Dome. Designed to help maintain your food samples at an optimal temperature while providing quick access, the Sample Dome features a tray with a clear domed lid to make it easy for curious shoppers to take a closer look. Available in both countertop and floor stand heights.


Innovatively and thoughtfully designed display and serving wares for your restaurant or catering business, this line of platters, trays, and stands will help elevate your clients’ overall dining experience. Select from various styles, shapes and finishes, all designed to fit with any decor and made to exceed European Food Safety Standards.


Imagine being able to print upscale, professional-level labelling and tags in-house. Flexible and economical, Edikio printers create stylish price tags, loyalty cards, employee badges and gift cards in minutes, at your fingertips. Ideal for grocery stores, take-out restaurants, specialty food shops and local markets.

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