Display Wares For Grocery Stores and Restaurants


Your restaurant display can make all the difference in the look and feel of your restaurant or grocery store. Great display ware can help you achieve this as your displays are taken to the next level and the customer experience is elevated. Food Supplies specializes in helping you design the best look for your merchandising needs. We work with grocers, restaurants, processors, manufacturers and butchers across Canada and the US to address specific requirements, both in-case and out. We will work with you to plan and execute your merchandising vision, down to the very last detail.


Grocery Display Products: Banana Risers

One of our most popular display products is our banana riser. The banana riser is a produce display made specifically for bananas. The shape of the banana riser is designed to fit the shape of the fruit so that it remains secure and as fresh as possible. Our banana risers are made of durable material that is easy to clean and can hold many pounds of bananas.

Popular Grocery Display Products: Food Barrels and Storage Crates

Food Supplies food barrels and crates are the perfect solution to your food storage and organization needs. Easily transport food throughout your store or restaurant and organize foods into the respected barrel or crate. These products are also great for creating a styled grocery store or restaurant environment. We can help you to select food barrels or storage crates that match your merchandising needs, and create a great environment for customers to enjoy.

Popular Grocery and Restaurant Display Products: Risers

Our wide selection of display risers is perfect for creating a unique look and feel for your grocery store or restaurant. Whether it’s a maple riser with an oil finish or a melamine marble flat sheet riser, you are bound to find a display riser that suits your vision. Choose the best display riser to help feature key products on your countertop or table. You might even use a riser to elevate a certain product to the customer’s line of sight and ensure it is seen and considered by your customer. Use a single display riser, or mix and match to create an attractive presentation.  

Order Your Grocery and Restaurant Display Ware Online

Food Supplies features eleven different types of restaurant and grocery store display wares, that can all be shipped across North America. Browse our options today!

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