A Foodie’s Guide to Choosing and Prepping Canadian Beef



Delicious Canadian Beef Steak

Delicious and nutritious. Full of iron, zinc, protein, and B vitamins. While Canadian beef might not enjoy the same buzzy reputation as kale, quinoa and other superfoods, there’s no denying that it comes packed with health-promoting micronutrients. And unlike vegetarian sources, beef is considered a ‘complete’ protein, containing all the amino acids that are essential to maintain your body’s function and vitality.

It’s easy to incorporate beef into your meals. Most people would gladly dig into to a hearty steak, while barbequed burgers are a great anytime meal, particularly during the summer months. Ground beef cooks fast and is and ideal for nutrient-dense, kid-friendly meal options on busy work nights. Even the pickiest tot will have a hard time saying no to meals like spaghetti or Tuesday night tacos.

Choosing The Right Cut of Meat

It doesn’t have to be intimidating. Canadian steaks are sorted into three basic categories:

  • Grilling steaks are tender and require little prep work. They can go straight onto the BBQ or stovetop. Look for terms like top sirloin, strip loin, rib, tri-tip, T-bone or flat iron.
  • Marinating steaks require the use of a marinade to achieve optimum flavour and texture. The spices provide seasoning while the acids in the marinade tenderize the beef. Look for terms like flank, blade, inside round, and sirloin tip.
  • Simmering steaks are best cooked slow, or braised. These cuts need a longer cooking time in liquid to achieve their full potential. The cross rib cut is an example of a simmering steak.

Generally, the farther a cut is from hoof, horn and hip, the more tender the meat. But before you write off the tougher cuts, it might surprise you to learn that they tend to be more flavourful and have the added bonus of being wallet-friendly.

So carnivores rejoice! There’s no need to cut beef from your diet if the grocery budget is tighter than usual. With the right cooking technique, any cut of meat can be made tender and flavourful.

Beef Done Right, Every Time

Canada Beef has partnered with Magic Creations to make it simple for Canadians to enjoy beef, particularly now that many of us are cooking and eating more meals at home. The Magic Creations marinade preps your meat in 20 minutes, infusing flavours and tenderizing the beef to create delicious, mouthwatering meals. It’s a quick alternative to mixing and using your own marinade and is perfect for those tougher cuts, like inside round, outside round, eye of round, sirloin tip, flank and blades.


Magic Creations in Partnership With Canadian Beef

Magic Creations is Easy to Use

Magic Creations - 20 Minute Beef

Canadian Beef Guide: Step 1

Simply mix the contents of the pouch with a cup of water to make the marinade.

Canadian Beef Guide: Step 2

Add one lb of beef to marinade mixture and let sit for 20 minutes.

Canadian Beef Guide: Step 3

Remove and cook by broiling, pan-frying or grilling.

This summer, experiment with different cuts and cooking methods to discover new favourites your family will enjoy. Beef is so much more than just a barbequed steak!

Magic Creations is available through your local retailer, or in bulk through FoodSupplies.ca.



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