The Best Frying Pan to Add to Your Kitchen Collection

JUNE 4, 2021  |  AMT PANS

Best Frying Pan – AMT A528 28 inch pan

Used almost daily, a frying pan is the tool of choice for everything from scrambled eggs to a quick pan fry for a fast and healthy dinner. Given how often you use it, a high-quality frying pan is a must-have in any kitchen, regardless of whether you are chef level or a novice when it comes to cooking. And while prices can range from the single digits to nearly $1000, you get what you pay for in most cases. A cheap frying pan will chip, scratch, and lose its nonstick properties quickly. The low cost also makes it less likely you will take proper care of it since it can be easily replaced. This throw-away mindset has the effect of shortening your pan’s lifespan even more.

Some brands trade on fancy colours and designs instead of quality, but don’t get distracted by style. The best frying pan is durable, long-lasting, and has a nonstick surface that will last for years, not weeks.

The Best Frying Pan

Our pick for the best frying pan? The AMT A528 28 cm pan. This size equals approximately 11 inches, making it a larger pan that can cook hearty-sized meals for a family. The 5 cm lip prevents spilling, a common problem with more shallow pans. The rounded inner corners also make it easier to cook and move the food around when you’re doing a pan fry or a quick sear.

But what really sets the AMT pan apart is its nonstick coating. AMT products are of professional quality, a consistent favourite among chefs and industry leaders. Its extra durable, ultra-hard coating is much stronger than conventional nonstick. There’s no need to avoid acidic ingredients, and it’s able to withstand high temperatures without warping while still heating up evenly for a superior cooking experience. Good heat distribution and retention properties make it an energy-efficient choice and makes for even browning, since cool spots on the pan surface aren’t an issue. And a great bonus—the nonstick surface makes AMT pans easy to clean with just mild soap and water.

Choose AMT Quality

Why do chefs love AMT?

AMT cookware is made with heavy-duty, hand-casted aluminum. Titanium oxide and anti-corrosion layers help increase its longevity and durability, designed to guard against scratches and nicks.

These elements also protect against harsh cooking ingredients with high acid content. A layer of additional reinforcing coating is applied before the final layer of nonstick, which also has antibacterial properties. AMT cookware is highly versatile and oven-safe, meaning your meals can go from stovetop to oven. If you love your AMT pan, the AMT kitchenware line includes braise pans, stockpots, baking pans and roasters to round out your collection.

When looking for the best frying pan, choose one that’s a joy to use and easy to maintain—one you will reach for again and again. An AMT pan will last for years and provide a quality cooking experience you will talk about with your friends and family.



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