F.Dick Rapid Action Steel

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With our Rapid Steel knife sharpener, resharpening is child's play. It saves you time, makes your work easier and the simple handling will impress you. Simply pull the knife through several times and your knife will be resharpened with a precise, optimal cutting edge. The volume of the knife sharpener makes it safe, thus reducing the risk of injury compared to a sharpening steel.

> Sharpen your knives in a flash!
> Features an ergonomic design for a better and safer grip
> Provides precise, optimal cutting edge for your knives
> Designed with robust tension springs and stainless steel sharpening rods
> Sharpening rods feature a wear-resistant, ultra-hard coating for high abrasion
> Maintenance and care are easy and inexpensive
> Very easy to use and saves you time
> Can attach to counter or table with use of a non-slip base (sold separately)

Colour: Black
Width: 18,00 cm
Height: 5,00 cm
Length: 20,00 cm
Weight: 0,32 kg

Our Rapid Steel features an ergonomic design for a better and safer grip. Thanks to the robust tension springs and the stainless steel sharpening rods, maintenance and care are easy and inexpensive. The mechanics of the device are safely and hygienically protected in a locked mechanism box. You can also attach the Rapid Steel to a non-slip base plate with suction cups (sold separately).

Rapid Steel Action and Rapid Steel Action Set: Sharpening rods with a wear-resistant, ultra-hard special coating for high abrasion. The Rapid Steel Action Set already includes the base plate with suction cups. 

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