F.Dick DarkNitro Sharpening Steel Oak 12"

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> 12 inch steel.
> Handle made of valuable, indestructible oak wood.
> Martensitic, stainless and nitrogen-alloyed steel.
> Unique oak wood selection means no two handles are the same.

Knifes must be resharpened with a sharpening steel on a regular basis so that they stay nice and sharp. After all, sharp knives cut better and are safer! The sharpening steel has a special surface for very high abrasion and is therefore particularly suitable for hard knives. The oval shape of the blade provides large contact for the knife and therefore more effective sharpening results. The pear-shaped handle design sits comfortably and safely in the hand.

Friedr. Dick uses the finest robust oak wood for the handle. Oak trees are known for their longevity; a tree can grow over 800 years old. The oak tree is shrouded in legend and steeped in history and is known for being one of the main deciduous trees in Europe. Ships were built with oak as long as 1,000 years ago and until today, oak barrels are used to store special whisky and wine. So it’s no wonder that Friedr. Dick has chosen a handle from oak wood for the new unique series of knives. The handle, ground by expert craftspeople at Friedr. Dick, makes each piece a unique item with its own colour character and wood grain.

Diversity and functionality have been the guiding principle at Friedr. Dick since the company began. This diversity is not based on short-lived trends, but on the different requirements and design requests of the users. With the DarkNitro series, Friedr. Dick has deliberately refrained from using visual fads and focused on the pure industrial design.



For long-term protection, you should occasionally “ pamper” the oak handles with food-grade oils (e.g. olive oil). To do this, lightly rub oil into the handle. This prevents the ingress of moisture and also refreshes the natural grain and colour of the wood.

Dark Nitro knives are fundamentally rust-resistant; however it all depends on the right care. Improper cleaning can cause rust to set in. We recommend cleaning by hand with a soft cloth and a mild alkaline detergent. Wipe the knives after cleaning to ensure that they are thoroughly dry – this will prevent any pitting on the blade. For the sharpening steel we also recommend a gentle cleaning by hand using a mild alkaline cleaning agent. Then dry the steel with a soft, lint-free cloth. Choose a dry place for storage.

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