Reward Yourself During The Pandemic With This Patio Innovation


Backyard Pizza Oven

Spring has finally arrived, and summer is just around the corner. Yet most of us are cooped up inside, only dreaming about the backyard parties that could have been. But instead, we're all preparing our own meals as we do our best to self-isolate or maintain physical distancing.

Why not add a little excitement and variety to those meals with some Neapolitan style pizza thrown into the mix? Why not take this time to treat yourself, and prepare for those inevitable “post-quarantine” get-togethers?

Nearly every backyard has a barbecue. But how many families can feature perfectly baked, handmade artisanal pizza? For many foodies, creating the perfect pizza is an act in artistry - and nothing quite compares to a perfectly prepared and cooked pizza.

The Fornoteca Duetto pizza oven is a game changer, both for while you're stuck at home, and when backyard bashes can resume.

Imagine a pizza oven that cooks perfect Neapolitan style pizza in as little as 90 seconds – all by itself! The Fornoteca pizza oven takes all the guesswork out of cooking. Featuring a fire brick stone interior which provides an ideal baking environment, this innovation award winner reaches a cooking temperature of 700°F in less than 5 minutes. And thanks to a self-rotating cooking stone, there's never any under-cooked crust, and always plenty of melted cheese!

But can you really go on calling yourself a foodie if you stop at pizza? The Fornoteca Duetto pizza oven is also ideal for gourmet vegetables, chicken, salmon, shrimp, ribs & more.

Using propane fuel, the Fornoteca pizza oven is no more complicated than your gas grill. Its duel cast iron burners put out a combined 100,000 BTUs, with individual left & right flame control knobs.

What's more, it offers perfect versatility for endless possibilities. The oven is easy to move, making it just as - if not more - portable as your traditional BBQ. It also easily converts from a free-standing unit to a countertop oven, allowing you to experiment with new and exciting recipes while you're in quarantine. Perfect them in time for your next backyard foodie event!

The Duetto is a proud recipient of the 2017 Restaurants Canada Innovation Award for creating a “game-changing Canadian product” at the 2017 RC Show in Toronto. The Fornoteca Duetto pizza oven is perfect for golf resorts, restaurant patios, catered events, social-distancing gourmet meals, and especially backyard parties!



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