Canadian Culinary Federation - Supporting Chefs and Foodies Alike

August 10, 2020  |  F.DICK KNIVES


Canadian Culinary Federation (CCF)

As a leader in the food and hospitality industry, Food Supplies is proud to be an ongoing partner with the Canadian Culinary Federation (CCF), the only professional association in Canada dedicated to chefs and the culinary arts. The company provides access to specialty supplies, exclusive cookware and targeted expertise to this organization.

An example of how Food Supplies works with the Federation? Corporate Chef Carmelo Vadacchino plays an active role in their week-long culinary “exchange” programs for chefs. Hosted in different culinary hotspots in the country, participants can do a deep dive on a featured ingredient during these innovative education sessions, learning new ways to use and incorporate it into their cooking. As an award-winning chef, Chef Vadacchino prides himself in offering support to young and new chefs, and showcasing product and technique demonstrations.

Cameron Callum, the general manager of Food Supplies, is a passionate volunteer with the Federation at the national level, particularly at conferences and culinary team competitions. He has a well-earned reputation for being full of knowledge and a great resource that the organization leans on for fresh ideas, unique inspiration and product sourcing.

New Leadership, New Innovations

Recently appointed the president of the Federation, Chef Ryan Marquis has always been very active in the association, having served as regional VP, marketing director, and board member. As CCF’s new leader, he’s been spearheading new initiatives to help better serve its members.

CCF has had a mandate involving three pillars: networking, education and competitions. Chef Marquis wants to do more by providing additional benefits for members, to modernize and evolve the Federation for the future.

What does this include? New opportunities for training and education, with newly launched courses in leadership, HR and restaurant management, as well as books and reference texts. The Federation has also launched a partnership with online culinary school Rouxbe, to offer a comprehensive selection of courses on different topics.

To assist chefs in their day-to-day duties and operations, the Federation also offers access to a discounted buying program and insurance packages.

Chef Ryan Marquis - CCF President

Foodies Welcome

CCF membership is also open to “foodies” - those interested in the culinary arts but aren’t part of the industry. A small membership fee unlocks the same benefits available to professional chefs.

Particularly with physical distancing and stay-at-home orders in effect, it’s the perfect opportunity for foodies to broaden their knowledge in the field, using the discounted courses and resources available through CCF. They can improve their cooking and culinary skills, learn more about the industry, and find resources about new and trendy cooking techniques and ingredients.

As Chef Marquis puts it, “I’m excited to welcome new members to the Federation. They’ll find a supportive experience here, to further their knowledge and explore their interests in this field.”

With so many new developments and opportunities available, it’s an exciting time to be part of CCF. Food Supplies looks forward to continuing their partnership with the organization and helping members, old and new, reach their goals and potential in the culinary arts.



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