F.Dick ActiveCut Chef Knife Black 8.5" (C)

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The ActiveCut knife series from Friedr. Dick will support you in your culinary training right from the start.  Are you looking for a forged knife that will allow you to immerse yourself in the world of cutting techniques, cooking creations and flavour explosions? Are you about to start your culinary training? Do you want to work with professional tools from the outset and experience the highest quality and sharpness? Then the ActiveCut series is the right choice for you. This series will help you master all your cutting challenges.  

X30Cr13 is the secret of the high-quality stainless steel and delivers durable sharpness thanks to its individual qualities. The forged knives in the ActiveCut series are honed twice during the final sharpening process – this gives them their special sharpness. 

The knife fits comfortably in your hand. The handle is made of a non-slip and abrasion-resistant material, preparing you for all challenges in the kitchen. Now, wet hands and hygiene are no longer a problem. The handle and the blade are joined without gaps and therefore absolutely hygienic. In addition, the ActiveCut knives are perfectly balanced, which means that this knife's centre of gravity is exactly in the middle of the knife, between the blade and the handle. This supports you in your daily tasks and saves your strength.

The ActiveCut series is made in Germany. A good knife requires many work steps. F.Dick ActiveCut knives go through numerous production steps at the company's Deizisau site before they are finished. Starting with the machining of the steel and right through to the finishing of the cutting edge.

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