Stylish Knife Storage Options For The Modern Kitchen


F. Dick Knives Storage Solutions

In the past, we’ve posted about the importance of having quality kitchen supplies and tools on hand if you spend a lot of time experimenting with the culinary arts. We have offered Foodie Secrets to the Perfect Kitchen Knife, and a way to Transform Your Foodie Kitchen With Three Essential Knives. But so far, we haven’t yet covered storage for your favourite kitchen knives.

Just as surely as what material they’re made of, careful ongoing maintenance, and cleaning are important for keeping your blades in top shape, so too is how they are stored!

Some ways to store your knives will actually dull and damage their fine edges. Others can be dangerous to your fingertips. But there are some options for storing your knives that can actually help keep those edges keen. Take a look at these three knife storage options from Friedr Dick Knives.

F.Dick Acrylic Knife Block

Made with stylish and durable acrylic, this knife block is an excellent and attractive way to both store and show off your favourite knives. Each blade is completely encased, sandwiched between high-quality acrylic glass in a blade sized slot, keeping its edge sharp, and your fingers safe.

The small size and low profile of this storage option are perfect for saving counter space in cozier kitchens. And thanks to the beautiful clear blade guard, you'll never grab the wrong knife again!

F.Dick Magnetic Board

Magnetic knife strips are a fantastic space saving option for small kitchens or studio apartments, while also making a beautiful, "professional chef"-inspired display piece for any sized kitchen.

The bar itself is made using strong magnets with an elegant, satin finish - making this knife bar great for accenting any kitchen décor. The black polypropylene plastic that makes up the frame is the strongest grade of plastic available. This ensures stable and long-lasting support for your high-priced and beloved knives. The F.Dick magnetic knife board allows you to safely organize any of your metal kitchen utensils for easy access and visibility.

This magnetic knife holder is the ultimate in space saving knife storage solutions!

F.Dick Magnetic Design Knife Block

For kitchens with a little more counter space, this option combines the benefits of the acrylic knife block and the magnetic board for any knife set.

This beautifully designed knife organizer perfectly complements the F.Dick 1905 Exclusive Series with 3 powerful magnetic strips that echo the three bands on the stainless steel knives’ handles. These strips, inlaid on either side, store your high-quality knives securely while putting them on display in an easy-to-reach spot.

What’s more, the beautiful, angled hardwood block gives a modern look to any kitchen.

All kitchen utensils - especially knifes - need proper care if they are to last and serve their purpose well. How you store your knives is just as important as understanding the proper technique for using them. To put a point on it - knife storage is an essential accessory in any kitchen!



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