Cool Kitchen Gadgets Every Foodie Will Love



BBQ Surface Frying Pan, Sharpening Steel & Potato Ricer

Kitchen basics are important, but they’re just that – basic. While it’s true that you’ll go back to your favourite saucepan or silicone spatula again and again, everyone needs a little bit of variety in their lives. Gadgets are a wide range of non-essential, but exciting, items that can make prep and cooking a lot more fun. They also make great gifts for the foodies in your life or as a treat for yourself. For some new foodie kitchen inspiration, try out these three top picks.

Potato Ricer

If you love mashed potatoes, this potato ricer is bound to become a well loved favourite. Unlike traditional mashers or mashing methods, this tool forces potatoes through a series of small holes. The result? Light, airy mashed potatoes that are delicious, not heavy. It works by breaking up the potato without causing the dreaded gumminess that has ruined many a side dish and shepherd’s pie. And it’s no one-hit wonder either. This multipurpose kitchen tool can also be used to puree vegetables and fruits, squeeze water out of foods before cooking, remove skins from cooked tomatoes and make egg salad.

F. Dick Rapid Action Sharpening Steel

For the best performance, it’s Important to keep your knives sharp and ready for anything.
Traditionally, knife blades maintained by sharpening steels are great but there’s a bit of a learning curve involved in using one. This means if you're in mid-prep and realize you have a dull knife, figuring out how to use a sharpening steel can be a time consuming task that takes away from your cook time. This high quality rapid action steel makes it easy with no learning curve required. Just draw your F.Dick knife through the rods for a quick and effective sharpening process. A couple passes through the sharpening steel and your knife will be as good as new, and ready to tackle tough slicing jobs.

AMT Square Pan With BBQ surface

Is it just us, or do grill marks just add a little extra something to your dish? Sure, you could fire up the barbeque, but this flat pan with a BBQ surface from AMT is the perfect indoor alternative for home cooks. The pan is fun and practical, with high sides that prevent splatter and a premium nonstick surface which makes clean up easy. Use it to impress friends and guests, use it for special occasions or just a feel-good weeknight meal after a long day at work. The best part? AMT pans and cookware can go in the oven, making this multipurpose pan perfect for a Sunday roast as well as a grilled steak.

These little tools are great for providing an extra dose of inspiration if you’re a foodie who is stuck in a cooking rut. New gadgets can help you learn master level techniques or put a twist on your staple recipes. Play around and use them to experiment and shake up your usual kitchen routine.



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