F.Dick EuroCut SharpeningSteel Round RegularCut Black12" (C)

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Blade length:  30 cm
Width:  5,40 cm
Height:  4,00 cm
Length:  45,50 cm
Weight:  0,43 kg
F. DICK sharpening steels are available with different cuts. The cut, also called fluting, determines the surface quality and the abrasion on the cutting edge of the knife. We offer different sharpening steel cuts depending on the desired material abrasion. The more often you sharpen your knives on the sharpening steel, the longer they will stay sharp with maximum edge retention. 
A certain surface and roughness on the sharpened cutting edge is obtained depending on the coarseness or fineness of the sharpening steel cut. The extent of the surface roughness is a result of the grooves created during the sharpening. The grooves are transverse to the cutting edge when sharpened correctly. A cutting edge profile with more or less pronounced serrations (saw-like) is formed on the cutting edge itself at the point that the grooves from both sides of the knife meet, depending on the depth of the grooves. Whether a smooth or somewhat rough cutting edge profile is required depends on the knives’ intended use. A serrated cutting edge penetrates the “hardness” of the food to be cut (the skin of fruit and vegetables, bread, the crust from roasts, etc.) easier than a smooth cutting edge. In contrast, a cutting edge that is as smooth and thin as possible is ideal when cutting soft food such as raw meat because the food being cut is not shredded and a clear cutting pattern is created.   

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