F.Dick DICKORON Combi Square Sapphire/Polish Red 12"

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Duty and pleasure in one.

Two sides feature the DICKORON sapphire cut for straightening the cutting edge and for velvety-soft honing. The other two sides are polished for the subsequent polishing of the knife blade, giving you an extremely smooth and sharp cutting edge. The sharpening steel blade is 30 cm long and has a square shape on which the two different cut surfaces can each be applied opposite to each other. 

Also available in the DICK hygienic version in a round blade shape of 30 cm. DICK hygienic combi has a stainless steel blade with 2 ultra-fine cut sides and 2 standard cut sides and a particularly hygienic full plastic handle. In this way, sharpening and smoothing/straightening is possible with just one steel. We recommend this model for particularly intensive detergents and cleaning processes. 



Everyone knows and loves the F. DICK sharpening steel with the red handle. For over 80 years, DICKORON has stood for top quality. DICKORON was registered with the German Patent Office as early as 1933. Since then, the DICKORON sharpening steel has been the most widely used professional sharpening steel around the world and even up to the present day. It remains the dream of all butchers and others who work with meat.

Generations of professionals keep their knives sharp on the legendary sapphire cut, relying on the fine, even cuts. Since its market launch, DICKORON has undergone continuous further development to keep pace with changes in standards and market requirements. It delivers the highest level of performance, and the deployed materials match up with the latest technologies. Technological advances and higher-quality steel alloys make it even better today. With proper care and cleaning, DICKORON will last a lifetime and beyond.

DICKORON by F. DICK has always been a consummate masterpiece. The sapphire cut is made with a special pull file with the characteristics of a sapphire. The cuts are even, continuous and of the highest quality. The sapphire cut is used exclusively in the DICKORON family. The handle in the acclaimed, classic DICKORON design is made of high-quality plastic. In this way, we meet all requirements for hygienic work.

The success story and demands from the field have led to the continuous development of new types in recent years and to the creation of an entire sharpening steel family. Each member of the DICKORON family is an outstanding specialist, designed precisely for its range of applications. Whether used as a single specialist or in combination, they always yield a sharp knife.

The DICKORON family consists of DICKORON classic: the classic DICK steel with the legendary sapphire cut, DICK micro: the ultra-fine cut steel, DICK polish: the polished steel, DICK combi: the square steel with dual functions, DICKORON hygienic: with stainless steel blade and sapphire cut, DICK titan: the sharpening steel with the tungsten carbide coating, DICK MULTIRON: Fine cut and standard cut in one and DICK duo: the all-round steel made of ceramic and diamond.

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