F.Dick 1778 Chef Knife 10"

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Friedr. Dick 1778 Series Knives are honed and sharpened by hand by experienced Friedr. Dick craftsmen. Even the specially-selected Plumwood handle, giving your new knife its own unique colour pattern, is worked by hand. By the time you hold your new “1778” knife in your hand, it will have gone through 45 separate, expertly- executed stages in its production! Thanks to the sharp, extremely thinly ground blade of a “1778” knife, cutting and chopping in the kitchen become an effortless pleasure. The knives are easy to guide and create a breathtakingly clean cut, ensuring that the item being cut does not fall apart or becomes crushed. The beautifully-designed, ergonomic and weighted handle sits securely and comfortably in your hand. Perfectly balanced and super sharp, working with the “1778” knife series is a fabulous experience not to be missed. Friedr. Dick 1778 Series Knives at their core consist of an ultra-fine layer of high-alloy (Double X VG 12) carbon steel, with an extreme hardness of more than 61° HRC. This makes it exceptionally effective in cutting and prolongs the service life of the edge considerably. This core is embedded in food-safe stainless steel, using a sandwich technique.

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