Mandoline Slicer with Handle

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Made of stainless steel and polymer composite. The stainless steel ramp is smooth and with a textured surface to make the food slide easily.

​A new adjustable system allows to easily regulate the thickness of the cut from 0.5 to 10mm, with a space of 0.5mm.

  • For smooth or wavy round slices, julienne cuts of 4 or 10 mm, waffle cut.
  • Double julienne blades, 4 and 10 mm.
  • Double horizontal blade, scalloped and fluted/serrated.
  • Fluted/serrated side to cut all fruits and vegetables, even the softest like tomatoes and oranges.
  • Scalloped side for waffle cuts.

Safe : slider and ergonomic pusher. Non-skid feet. Grip area on the blades.

Care : wash the blades by hand. The frame is dishwasher-safe.

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