InfraRed Thermometer -60°C to 500°C/-76°F to 932°F

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InfraRed Thermometer -60°C to 500°C/-76°F to 932°F

Dimension: 15 H x 10.75 L x 6.75 W

Weight : 0.309 kg

This professional food safety thermometer features infrared technology to provide ease when instant scanning over non-contact surfaces. Simply point and press the button. This thermometer measures surface temperatures in less than a second. This instrument securely measures the surface temperatures of hot, dangerous, or hard-to-access objects without contact.

The PS200 is a food grade infrared thermometer and was designed for checking the surface temperature of an objects and foods not a person. It does not have a Medical Device License with Health Canada and therefore Thermor Ltd. Does not recommend using them to take body temperature.


· Bright laser pointer

· Large LCD display

· Instant non-contact surface temperatures

· Takes any K-type probe (sold separately)

· 1 year warranty


· 12:1 optic

· NIST Certified

· Temperature range: -76°F to 932°F / -60°C to 500°C


· Nylon carrying case with belt loop

· 5 coloured face plates included to avoid cross contamination

· 2 x AA batteries · Instruction manual


Non-contact Infrared Scan function:

Accuracy (Tobj=15~35°C, Tamb=25°C): ±1.0 ˚C (1.8 ˚F)

Accuracy (Tobj=-33~500°C, Tamb=23±3°C) ±2% of reading or 2˚C (4˚F) whichever is greater


Resolution (-9.9~199.9°C) 0.1 ˚C/0.1 ˚F

Response Time (90%) 1 sec

Battery Life Typ.180, min 140 hours continuous use (Alkaline, without Laser and Back Light.)


Note: Under the electromagnetic field of 3V/m from 200 to 600 MHz, the

maximum error is 10˚C (18˚F).

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