Wilkuro Steel Toe Cap

Starting at: CA$39.40



Extra Small
Women: 6-7
Men: 4-5

Women: 8-9
Men: 6-7

Women: 10-11
Men: 8-9

Women: 12-13
Men: 10-11

Extra Large
Women: 14-15
Men: 12-13

XX Large
Women: 15-17
Men: 13-15

XXX Large
Men: 16


Available in colour-coded sizes: X-Small to XXX-large making the sizes easy to identify.

Designed to fit comfortably over soft-toed shoes, including runners and even low-heeled dress shoes, Wilkuro Safety Toes are an excellent alternative to steel toe safety shoes.

Unlike standard steel-toed safety shoes, they can be passed from person to person without hygiene concerns.

Compact and easily stored.

Made of chemically-resistance PVC.

Manufactured in ISO 9001 facility.

Meets CSA and CE requirements.

Approved by OSHA.

ASTM, SNSI, SATRA tested and approved.

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