Sample Dome 12" Floor-Stand

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Sample Dome self-serve displays and food covers help keep your food items fresh and protected. The see-thru, clear acrylic domes provide an unobstructed presentation of the food, while providing a protective barrier from dust, dirt, germs, and other contaminants. 

Sample Dome Floor Stand units combine a sturdy metal base with height-adjusting poles to display your food samples approximately 38-inches from the floor surface. Made with food safe ABS plastics & acrylic, Sample Domes provide great benefits that contribute to increased sales overall.

Features & Benefits Include:
> Made with food-safe ABS plastics & acrylic. 
> Protective barrier from dust, dirt and contaminants.
> Blends into any environment.
> Re-usable ice pack is included with all units. 
> Sleek and durable metal stands.
> Quick and easy assembly (no tools required).
> Adjustable metal poles (upto 38-inches high). 

Sample Dome Displays Are a Perfect Tool For: 
> Grocers
> Restaurants
> Hotels
> Bakeries
> Markets
> Catering
> Weddings
> Buffets
> Cruise Ships

Each Floor Stand unit includes:
(1) Re-usable ice pack
(1) ABS plastic ice bowl
(1) Removable insert tray
(1) Clear acrylic dome
(1) Round metal base
(1) Adjustable metal poles



The clear dome (A) attaches to the ice bowl (D). Line-up the pegs on the ice bowl with the holes on the hinge of the clear dome. Push gently until the pegs snap through the holes.

Place the ice pack (C) in the bottom of the ice bowl (D). Then place the insert tray (B) on top.


The bottom of the ice bowl (D) features a plastic coupling connector piece. The adjustable pole (E) simply friction fits into this coupling piece. Push gently until a snug fit is achieved.


The bottom of the pole (E) threads into the hole on the base (F). Twist for a tight & secure fit.

The rubber plug (G) inserts into the hole in the bottom of the ice bowl (D).

The sign holder (H) has an adhesive bottom. Remove the white film to reveal the adhesive on the bottom of the sign holder, and then press to adhere it to extended handle section of the clear dome (A).

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