AMT Speed Oven Snack Bowl 24.5 x 15 cm

Item # ASO32415

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The non-stick and stackable snack bowl from AMT is designed for compatibility with all conventional speed ovens. Quickly and conveniently accelerate cooking times without compromising quality. Perfect for warming, browning and baking in fast service.

> Compatible size for all conventional speed ovens.
> Produces even heat distribution for perfect cooking results.
> Perfect for warming, browning and baking in fast service. 
> Featuring revolutionary non-stick, Lotan® coating.
> Non-stick surface assists with quick and easy clean-up.
> Stackable for space saving.
> Constructed from extremely robust, ultra-resistant layers.
> Used by foodies and chefs world-wide.
> *“The world’s best pan”, according to VKD, largest German Chefs Association.

24.5cm x 15cm x 5cm High
9.64” x 5.9” x 1.96” High

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