AMT Lid for Roasting Dish with Grill surface, Juice Rim & Sp

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AMT roasting dish lid. Works with AMT roasting dish XA4228 and XA4228I. (Sold as lid only. Roasting dish sold separately).

Award-winning Products
The excellent quality of AMT products has been confirmed many times by independent authorities and numerous awards. *“The world’s best pan”, according to VKD, largest German Chefs Association.

Lotan® Coating Technology
Lotan® is the new revolutionary coating technology for modern gastronomic applications. The non-stick characteristics of our Lotan® coating simplify the cleaning of your cookware and keep the surface germ free. Our Lotan® coating makes our cookware so easy to rinse that it helps reduce your water consumption, which therefore helps save one of our planets most precious natural resources – water and your hard earned money.

Highly Robust

Our plasma coating is extremely hard and ultra-resistant. It is particularly well suited for the professional kitchen area and for extraordinary stress.


Dishwasher Safe
Our products all are dishwasher safe. Yet, the best way to cleanse AMT cookware is with warm water and dish washing liquid. Our self-developed coating Lotan® makes cleaning easier and keeps the pans clean and hygienic.

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