F.Dick Red Spirit Butcher Knife "Hektor" Kullenschliff 10"

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Red Spirit Hektor Knife

Anyone who loves meat will also love the Butcher's knife HEKTOR.  Because the knife is ideal for cutting of larger pieces of meat and fish but also perfectly suitable as a »brisket knife« for the BBQ area. Thanks to the long, curved blade, a pulling cut and the cutting of large pieces without a break is possible.

Even at first sight, the beholder experiences the inspiration and passion that emerge from this. Get to know a knife series that sets no boundaries to your creativity and your passion for cooking. Get inspired by the surprising cutting experience.The knives of our series Red Spirit are designed for uncompromising sharpness. The blades are grinded extremely slim and the cutting edge is polished. The knives are easy to guide and lead to a stunning exact cut. The material to be cut will neither be crushed nor broken so that flavourings will be preserved.The round shaped, Asian-style handle of the knife features an extraordinary haptic. It lies perfectly in the hand while fulfilling all ergonomic requests of professionals as well as ambitious amateur chefs – a very important advantage for intensive usage.With the knife series Red Spirit, Friedr. Dick presents you a product  – Made in Germany – combining quality, ergonomics, functionality and precision at highest perfection.

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