F.Dick Premier Plus Wooded Knife Block (9 Pcs)

Item # 8807000

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This F.DICK Premier Plus 9-piece set includes one wood knife block, plus: 

F.Dick Premier Plus Tourne Knife Black 3"
Item # 8144607

F.Dick Premier Plus Paring Knife Black 3.5"
Item # 8144709

F.Dick Premier Plus Boning Knife Black 5"
Item # 8144513

F.Dick Premier Plus Carving Knife Black 7"
Item # 8145618

F.Dick Premier Plus Bread Knife Serrated Black 8.5"
Item # 8103921

F.Dick Premier Plus Chef Knife Black 8.5"
Item # 8144721

F.Dick Meat Fork Forged Black 6"
Item # 9100915

F.Dick Sharpening Steel Round Regular-Cut 10"
Item # 7654125

F.Dick Stamped Kitchen Shears Black 8"
Item # 9008420

With the F.DICK Premier Plus series, your knife works practically by itself. This gives you time not only to concentrate on your craft, but also to give your creativity free rein to create exciting dishes. This is exactly what trained professional chefs and our top chefs appreciate about the F. DICK brand - quality that will accompany you for a lifetime.  

All Premier Plus knives are forged and perfectly balanced. Already during the development of the knives, we placed special emphasis on optimising the weight distribution between the blade and the handle so that the knife feels light and comfortable in your hand. Imagine your handle is too heavy or your blade too heavy. Your knife would always tend towards the heavy side and you would have to fight against the weight when cutting. This will certainly not happen with Premier Plus knives.

The blade is made of the high quality X50CrMoV15 steel alloy. Each component of this steel has its own impressive features. Thanks to the high carbon content, the edge retains its sharpness for a particularly long time, the chromium content reduces wear and the molybdenum makes your knife particularly corrosion-resistant. We have also decided to polish the cutting edge to give the knives a special sharpness. Premier Plus knives are uncompromising in their design when it comes to sharpness. The food is cut exactly and not broken or squashed. This way, you work with precise, clean cuts, allowing the variety of flavours in the dish to come to the fore.

The Premier Plus knives support you in your kitchen adventures. Our special handle concept also speaks for itself: The handle and blade are joined together without gaps, making them particularly hygienic and easy to maintain. The handle feels comfortable and adapts to your hand thanks to its ergonomic design. This is important to prevent your hand from tiring quickly when you use the knife for a long time.

All F. DICK knives deserve special care and attention when it comes to maintenance. Never clean your knife in the dishwasher. Ideally, you should clean the knife immediately after use with clear water and then dry it with a soft cloth.

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