F.Dick Plating Tongs 8"

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Friedr. Dick Plating Tongs, 20 cm

Every move has to be perfectly executed in haute cuisine. Great attention to detail and many individual steps go into serving guests the perfect dishes. The new, handy plating tongs from F. DICK are an essential tool for this precise and neat work.

The demands of upmarket hotels and restaurants served as a key benchmark in the design of this small tool. The plating tongs with a practical size of 20 cm and an angled shape are ideal for serving and garnishing but also for other small jobs in the kitchen where precision and accuracy are required. The plating tongs are also essential for decorating dishes with herbs or flowers. The angled shape makes them easier to hold and position without your hand coming into contact with the plate. This means that work can be even more precise and neater.

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