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With this book, F.DICK aims to create the definitive publication on the topic of "Correct cutting / Correct cutting techniques", which has not previously existed in this format. Through this book F.DICK is offering practical support and a reference manual covering the subject of cutting.

CUT! can also be used as an app for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The app contains 50 videos about different food products and cutting techniques, including a brief description of each, as well as useful information about knives and their care. The videos can also be viewed on YouTube.

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The Highlights:

  • Interesting facts about knives and cutting edges
  • Over 90 different cutting techniques
  • Correct use and technique of individual knives
  • The most important applications also on video
  • Selected recipes by star chef Sebastian Frank
  • Also available as an app

The skill of cooking lies in the preparation. Would you like to learn how? No problem!  This is best accomplished using sharp knives and with correctly executed cutting techniques. But this is not just a question of technique. The care of the knives, the sharpening methods and safety while cutting are also important factors when working with knives. Cutting and sharpening shape the world of Friedr. Dick GmbH & Co. KG. Out of love for cooking and with centuries of experience, Friedr. Dick has created a wide variety of knives and tools. The combination of innovative production methods and traditional know-how result in high-quality products for all lovers of good cooking practices.

CUT! for professionals and ambitious amateur chefs will help you understand everything you need to know. How do I cut different food products correctly? Why are there over 20 different types of knives? These are just two of the questions that this 200 page book addresses. The correct usage and operation of the individual knives, in combination with the different food products, are demonstrated through over 90 different cutting techniques. And the best part? The most important applications can also be viewed as videos, making them easy to learn. 

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