Otto Wilde (Over-Fired Broiler)

The secret behind a perfect steak lies in the right temperature. After only a few minutes of preheating, Otto’s O.F.B. reaches temperatures of over 900°C. At these high temperatures, your steak gets a delicious crust from the outside (Maillard reaction), while remaining tender and moist from the inside. With Otto’s O.F.B. you produce steak results that cannot be replicated with any other cooking method.

O.F.B. stands for Over-Fired Broiler, meaning that the heat comes from above. At the core of Otto’s O.F.B. are two infrared gas units, emitting their heat from the top. This ensures an even distribution of the heat on the meat’s surface – as opposed to conventional bottom heat, where dropping meat juices and fat disturb the heat distribution. Thanks to this innovative technology, your steak will be ready within a few minutes – including the pre-heating time. The two gas units are separately and stagelessly adjustable, making the O.F.B. an incredibly versatile grill: Next to steak, the O.F.B. is also perfect for grilling vegetables, fish and even pizza.

Otto’s O.F.B. is for outdoor use and can be placed on a regular garden table or grill stand. Thanks to the extricable heat shield the table surface is protected from the temperature. Otto’s O.F.B. works on propane gas that you can get in any Do-It-Yourself store.

For its outstanding product design Otto‘s O.F.B. was awarded the German Design Award 2018.

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