Infra Red Thermometer Model 462 400F

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Non-contact infrared thermometers provide an immediate surface temperature. Simply point the infrared (some available with a visible laser) directly at an area to obtain its temperature. Infrared thermometers are perfect for measuring items in display cases, salad bars, and buffets without touching the food or causing cross-contamination. They are also ideal for checking moving machinery, pipes and overhead equipment. 

This remote style infrared thermometer features a slim shape and simple operation. 

This model has the following characteristics:

  • Precise non-contact measurement
  • Single button operation
  • Switchable in F and C temperature units
  • Automatic data hold
  • Laser target pointer
  • Backlight



Temperature range: -40~536 F (-40~280 C)
Distance spot ratio: D:S= 6:1

0.1 F/ 0.1 C(below 230 F/110 C)
1 F/1 C (above 230 F/110 C)

(at ambient temp. 73 F±4 (23 C±2)
±2 F/1 C±0.1rdg (<32 F/0 C)
±2 F/1 C (32~150 F/0~65 C)
±1.5% of rdg (>150 F/65 C)

Emissivity: 0.97 fixed
Sample rate: Approx. 1 sec
Power off : 7 seconds non-operation
Power supply : 9V battery
Operating ambient: 32~122 F(0~50 C) Max. 80%RH

Storage ambient: 
-4 to 149 F(-20 to 65 C)
Max. 90% RH

Power: (1) 9V battery Alkaline
Dimensions: 184 mm x 56 mm x 38 mm (7.375” x 2.25” x 1.5”
Battery Life: 12 Hours
Weight: 142 g (5 oz)

The meter is powered by a 9V battery. Remove the insulation in the battery compartment before first use. For battery replacement, install the battery in correct polarity as indicated in the battery compartment. An indicator icon blinks on the screen when battery voltage falls under critical range (6.5 to 7.5 V). Though reliable readings are still given for several hours from the first flash, it is suggested to always have fresh battery to ensure the accuracy.

The meter automatically compensates for ambient temperature deviation. It might take up to 30 minutes to adjust to wide changes. When low temperature measurement is followed by a high temperature measurement, several minutes are required to stabilize the sensor before next measurements.

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