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signageThe importance of signage in a retail environment shouldn’t be underestimated. Today’s consumer is more educated in terms of product knowledge, and expects more information to help them make purchasing decisions. The right signage will do more than just convey a price. It can serve as an ‘assistant sales force’ and works tirelessly to keep your customers updated on everything from sales to new products.

With more products being offered all the time, it’s important for signage to be sophisticated and memorable. Food Supplies takes pride in its wide-ranging selection of signage, signage systems and other point-of-sale support items that are designed to attract and keep customers. Give us a call to find out how Food Supplies can make your counter stand out from the competition!

Custom Signage Available



Enhance the appearance of your display-set  no matter what your product or service!

Eye Catching!

hanging sign

Convey eye-catching meaning in a single glance!

A diamond is just a lump of coal that did well under pressure. - Unknown

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