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Multivac Vacuum ProcessorFood Preparation Equipment

Food Supplies’ state-of-the art food preparation machines are important tools to process quickly and efficiently the fresh food coming into your kitchen.  Using our equipment you will be able to create finished foods ready for either cooking, direct service into the restaurant, or storage for later use.  Food Supplies brings you an innovative assortment of future-ready technology to your kitchen creating a balanced combination of traditional culinary skill aided by modern technology.

Our full selection of food preparation equipment includes essential tools that all modern chefs must have. Our equipment ranges from traditional tumblers, stuffers, grinders, mixers to our new line of Multivac small chamber vacuum sealers. 

Our commercial food preparation equipment is manufactured for high performance and long, hard use. Like any professional tool, our preparation equipment will last a long time and give consistent high performance, but only if it is used and maintained properly. This is how to get the very-best from our food preparation equipment!

Multivac Small Chamber Vacuum Packaging

Multivac Vacuum Food Preparation

Small...but impressive!

Multivac tabletop machines are efficient, compact
chamber machine at an attractive price. An investment that pays off even for occasional users!

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Vacuum Packaging For Profit Video

Multivac Vacuum Packaging for Profit

Watch our feature program and learn how Multivac Vacuum Packaging can increase your kitchen’s efficiency and business profits.

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