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Food Supplies is pleased to offer its members and customers access to the latest food industry news.  The Food Insider is an invaluable resource of late-breaking food industry information that will delight and fascinate anyone who has ever cooked, savoured, or wondered about food and cooking technology.    From food professionals to novices, we have traveled both nationally and abroad to bringing you the insider scoop on emerging trends!

Anita Stewart's Canada

Anita Stewart's Canada  

Anita Stewart, the author of the renowned book Flavours of Canada: A Celebration of Regional Cuisine, brings us unique and inspiring  perspective on the Cultural realities of Canadian cuisine.

Click here to see Anita's CCFCC conference speach and learn more what makes Canadian cuisine new and special!

Sous Vide Magic

Sous Video - Chef Bruno Martin vacuum cooking  

The future of gastronomy belongs to science!

Click here to see how sous-vide cooking has hit mainstream culture!

Fine dining chefs take up cooking in a bag

Restaurant News - June 2008 - Volume 23, No. 5

Sous Video - Chef Bruno Martin vacuum cooking  

Montréal, QC - Why would you cook something in a plastic bag submersed in water? Attendees at the annual convention iof the Canadian Federation of Chefs and Cooks in Montreal last month were told that this method of cooking, called sous vide (French for "under a vacuum"), has long been used in Europe and has been taken up in recent years by some of North America's top chefs...
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[This method of cooking is known as sous-vide and is one of the most revolutionary ways to use our small chamber machines.]

Chef's group staggers board terms

Restaurant News - June 2008 - Volume 23, No. 5

Sous Vide  

Montréal, QC - The Canadian Culinary Federation (CCFCC) now has a longer term for its president, staggered terms for its executive members and three annual top chef competitions...
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[Food Supplies is a proud sponsor of the CCFCC convention and wishes to congratulate this season's TOP CHEFS!]

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Vacuum Packaging For Profit Video

Multivac Vacuum Packaging for Profit

Watch our feature program and learn how Multivac Vacuum Packaging can increase your kitchen’s efficiency and business profits.

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